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Feb 2012

Dating And Fixing Hopeless Romantic Relationships: Exploring The Law Of Attraction

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What exactly is it about the Law of Attraction (LOA) that produces such an amazing benefit in a gentle natural way? Four elements of LOA come to my mind as being significant in altering the way we relate to other individuals. The four parts are:

-Self-appreciation which in turn translates into appreciation of other individuals.

-Looking for brand new perspectives on unfavorable events.

-Expecting folks to respond differently to us when we've shifted our vibration.

-Building a group of like-minded friends.


The Law of Attraction teaches us to find out who we actually are-based on what we love or enjoy. As we sort through stuff we've accepted for years, trying to find things we enjoy-then totally appreciating the way we are-we discover ourselves becoming much less defensive, much less judgmental, kinder, gentler and far more accepting of all that is.

No woman hopes to be named a mail order bride nevertheless it looks like the term has stuck and should be around so long as there are men that prefer to get married to them. But exactly what are mail order brides anyway?

True love and appreciation starts with self-appreciation, self-love and self-care. We are able to only love others to the degree that we love and accept ourselves.

Terence started off counseling with me since Wendy, his girlfriend of 14 years, had just informed him that she wanted to end their romantic relationship. Terence, terrified of being alone, was panicked.

Re-framing Conditions

The more we recognize how our feelings attract comparable events, the more motivated we grow to be in locating new perspectives on events that do not feel very good. I'm completely convinced that I can choose a brand new perspective and in so doing, shift an unfavorable situation into an extremely healthy and optimistic one.

As we grow in cooperation with the LOA we learn tips on how to re-frame unfavorable circumstances quicker and more easily. In this way, we practice kindness towards ourselves and other individuals. Resentment and bitterness aren't permitted to contaminate our vibration.

Expecting Excellent Responses

At some point we start to trust that when we meet somebody with our highest vibration and expect them to react harmoniously, they do!

While we can't 'make' any individual respond to us in ways that really feel great to us, we are able to offer them the opportunity to make a great response. If we're trying to find the good in them-looking for their absolute best and kindest response-they will find it easier to show us that side of their personality. It really is like our high vibration calls forth the best in the other individual.

Developing A Community Of Like-Minded Men and women

It really is difficult to change your mind-set and focus in life any time you really feel like you're alone in the process. Sometimes you'll need a coach to walk beside you and in some cases you'll need a group of men and women to develop and change with.

This can be where david angelo and neil strauss come in. Have a look at the double your dating site to begin building up your confidence. This can be a terrific way to start building that community of people.

It looks to me that the severity of the kind of reaction someone has to a 'rejection' is inversely proportional to the faith they have in their concept of a higher power.

Are you currently prepared? Are you currently really prepared for a brand new way of living that's full of love, acceptance and grace?

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