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Feb 2012

Female Attraction Secrets: The Initial Step To Being Successful With Ladies

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The initial step to becoming successful with ladies is learning to have basic conversational skills. You have to have the ability to speak to anybody at anytime - anywhere.

As simple as it might sound, this should be the initial step you must simply master.

And why must you do this?

Well, think about it - if you are able to literally speak to any person whenever you please, do not you think you will subconsciously be improving your social conversational skills with folks in general?

The reason for this is to help you become more comfortable talking to men and women. That's it.

Forget whether it's with a guy or a girl for the moment. Make 'talking to people' second nature for you personally.

If you are shy with the girls, then a great place to start is with the guys - particularly the guys who are currently fantastic with the ladies. Use them as practice.

Why the text (SMS) messaging trend has made it easy for men to play the field and how girls can turn the tables on womanizing men.

Remember, the fastest way for you to become terrific with females is to model after those who are currently achieving the success that you want with women at the moment.

I've explained this technique in great detail inside my book, double your dating by david deangelo.

You see, as soon as you are comfy talking with the guys, then you can start moving forward and try talking to ladies instead.

Remember: make gradual improvements every day.

Most guys tend to try too hard when they're talking to a woman, a beautiful one especially.

They'll often be way too accommodating, pleasant & 'complimentary' to the her which is exactly the opposite way that most 'alpha males' should be doing.

My question for you is this?

What exactly is the worst thing that could happen to you if you followed david deangelo double your dating tips?

But right before we go into that, let me tell you this, and this is indeed a fact. More often than not, the worst things that you would normally think of, will most likely not happen at all!

Now, worst case situation is even if you did fall flat on your face making an attempt, at least you did something different, unlike the 99 other losers that said the same lame, over-accommodating lines that she is so accustomed to all along.

You see, if you really want to be good with ladies, you must be a super daviddeangelo 'ALPHA' bloke - a man who's not afraid to speak his mind as well as do the right thing in any given circumstance and be the leader of the pack.

Not be all wimpy and accommodating and stuff.

Get it? Think about it -- then go out and do it. You will see the difference right away. And you'll be able to thank me later.

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