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Feb 2012

Find Out How To Turn Your New Buddy Into A Lover

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When two individuals are in a relationship, they must share a particular amount of compatibility that stretches beyond the bedroom.

Besides getting along as lovers, they need to be friends, to be able to share each other's happiness and sadness and be on the identical wavelength, mentally and emotionally.

Close friends, that are close to each other, tend to have that kind of emotional and mental connection, that is why the friendship is shared in the first place. Imagine if you could find that sort of compatibility within a lover too!

Read more for ideas on how to turn a free online dating chat friend into a lover:

-Remind them of what they like

When you have a male friend, who has hinted previously about what he loves in you - particular physical or emotional characteristics that you simply possess - learn to highlight those attributes. Just don't go overboard.

Dating is often stressful and nerve wracking. You may feel like you're under a microscope and every one of your disappointments and problems are exposed in the open.

Remember, that when you were close friends, how you looked or felt didn't matter because he would love you nonetheless. But, in terms of love, you have to present yourself in a way that will certainly make him notice.

Most of the helpful hints on how to meet college chicks have something to do with your frame of mind and your college social life. So, here are the suggestions on how to meet college chicks.

-Change the conversation

When individuals are buddies they tend to talk about everything under the sun, from common interests or one another's love interests! If you want this person to relate to you on a more romantic level as well, you can try flirting.

This also works nicely if you are communicating via free date and chat sites. However the added benefit of free online chat and dating sites is the ability to send icons that express your romantic interest in someone that is just a friend.

-Create the ambiance

Instead of going with him to the usual hangout like a movie or even a coffee shop, you can alter the venue to a more private and romantic environment.

-Change your attitude

If this person is already your friend, he will know how you behave around someone you have more than platonic feelings for. The very next time you meet him, start behaving with them the way you would around somebody you like.

Certainly one of the big issues of dating online is the fact that there's often that doubt if the person you're conversing with is real or otherwise.

-Body language

This can be one of the most effective tools to hint to men and women how you really feel. The body language that two close friends share is extremely different. All you have to do is change the way you touch your buddy and if he has half a brain, he'll get the hint.

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