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Feb 2012

Identify A Few Of The Risks Individuals With Diabetic Retinopathy Might Develop

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People who are having diabetics for years can suffer from diabetic retinopathy . There are lots of factors that can increase the risk of developing this problem . The arteries in the retina grow abnormally which might lead to problems in your vision . It happens to be one of the leading causes of blindness of individuals that are diabetic .

Have you been diagnosed as having diabetes, and are now unclear as to how you are going to deal with this disease?

If left untreated you can lose your sight and it may also prove life threatening . There are various complications that are associated with this problem and knowledge about those will help in prevention . Those that have diabetics will need to check their eye sight regularly as it will help in prompt detection and prevention .

About 3-6 percent of pregnancies may result in a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. Women who are affected by gestational diabetes are commonly diagnosed in and around the 24th week of pregnancy however the symptoms generally subside after baby is born..

Here is a list of difficulties that individuals with diabetic retinopathy can develop .

- Bleeding in the eye as a result of the development of new blood vessels is the most complication . If the bleeding is less it could trigger small spots that can in the eye which is normally temporary . However if the bleeding is heavy , it can bring about complete blindness .

Developing your own diabetic diet plan and eating the most beneficial diabetic food to permit you to prevent and deal with diabetic issues is not difficult provided that you perform a small amount of web research before you start.

- There will be increased stress in the eye and this health problem is known as glaucoma . The rise in pressure might damage the nerves of the eye . Most of these nerves communicate with the brain . If left untreated this could cause blindness .

Alcohol is processed within the body like a sugar, so it can cause an instantaneous increase in blood sugar much like if you had a candy bar.

- The retina is tugged from the back of the eye due to the growth of scar tissue . When new blood vessels build they can shift the eye from its normal position and this can cause issues in the vision . In most cases it is known to cause complete blindness .

Diabetes diet is crucial to support you deal with your diabetic issues and for your overall diabetes treatment. Discover the way to prepare the appropriate diabetes diet that complement your disease.

Changes in the eating habits , exercise program and avoiding smoking cigarettes are known to bring down the risk . There are several types of treatment methods that are proven to cure this condition . Diabetic retinopathy can cause complete blindness if preventive steps are not used .

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