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Feb 2012

Online Dating Recommendations: You'll Be Able To Get The Kind Of Women You've Always Desired

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Guys who have low self confidence on the subject of women prefer to think that they do not "deserve" to get the kind of women they want deeply inside. Well, in case you belong to this group I have very good news for you. Just keep reading!

Internet dating is a way that you can have the ability to expand the pool of potential relationship opportunities. Here are several tips on selecting the right one for you.

I usually put girls into 3 categories: in the first there are ugly or average looking women. In the second category you'll find girls with "supermodel" looks. And I named the last category, "girls you really like".

Amongst the top dating consultants around just now is recognized as Vin DiCarlo. If you are looking for some suggestions about starting up new relationships then you may find his approach right up your alley.

The first really needs no explanation. The second group changes by time and fashion: currently, its girls that are 180cm tall, who weigh 50kg and who have mostly blonde hair and a specific type of face.

When we discuss "hot girls" we like to talk about girls in this category. But what about the third?

Have you noticed that there are certain ladies you've got "a thing" for? These girls don't resemble the actual trend in runway models. At least not 100%.

Let's see my case as an example. I really like shorter (but slim) girls who have a really fragile body-type. Are these girls 180cm tall as the present trend in supermodels dictates? No.

Lots of people are capable of getting into love affairs. But for many, relationships do not last much more than 3 months! Why does this happen?

I also love girls with exotic faces or certain exotic features on their faces. Do these women have a baby face like runway models should? No. Do I still like these girls? Obviously! If I am with a woman like this, am I getting the kind of girls I want? Of course!

I'll share a secret you will like: Oftentimes, these exceptional types of girls you find desirable will find your type attractive also! When I was younger and less successful with women, I've noticed getting signs of interest from these girls I had a thing for.

Later I saw that it was somehow made to be this way: I respond to their looks and they respond to mine. As I talked to a lot of guys since then, I had to recognize that I am not alone: the majority of guys experience this!

I don't know if there's a logical reason behind this phenomenon, but it's not important at all. What matters is the fact that you can attract the kind of ladies you have a thing for very easily!

I don't say you should restrain yourself from going for supermodels. But don't let the trends dictate which kind of girls you need to date and which kind you shouldn't. The above may be the type of women that can provide you with a lot of joy and happiness.

Today, dating fraud is becoming more prevalent. That's why it's better to know right from the start, how to protect yourself from fraud when utilizing Internet personals and dating agencies.

Lastly, if you want to know how to pickup women, there's a pickup girl e-book I've written. I cover each step of the seduction approach:

-understanding the way women think.

-learning to be a person who attracts girls with his presence.

-approaching women the right way.

- the secrets to making your dates successful and fun.

-suggestions on the best place to pick up women.

-improving your sex life and a lot, lot more.

Whether or not you are ugly, bald, young, old or penniless, the techniques I teach will work for you like charm!

Online Dating Recommendations: You'll Be Able To Get The Kind Of Women You've Always Desired
Guys who have low self-confidence when it comes to ladies like to think that they do not deserve to get the kind of women they want.

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